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September 2017                         Exhibition "The Manriqe's Gardans / Landscape"

                                                                   Plamen Yordanov - painting, photography

                                                                   Hristina Stomonyakova - curator and

                                                                   conceptual design , National Museum of

                                                                   Natural History, Sofia


 January 2017                               Researches on the work and activities of the

                                                                   Spanish visual artist Cesar Manrique,

                                                                  Foundation"Cesar Manrique", Lanzarote,

                                                                  Canary  Islands, Spain


May - September 2016          Exhibition "Fields, Factories, Workers" - Ruse,

                                                                   Sofia  - John Howard, photography


Febryary 2016                               Play of Reverberations - Ruse -  Percy Caseras -

                                                                    photography; Plamen Yordanov - painting;

                                                                    Elizabeth Bryer - text; Diana Kovacheva - text



   Past Projects